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Ogmuk 07-14-2005 01:31 AM

Blackwing Lag Fun
Yesterday we decided to try Lagwing Lair again after giving up the day before due to an enormous amount of lag and starting our Molten Core timer instead. Razorgore was the first to die. Anyone want some bacon with that egg?

Vaelastrasz was next on the list. We heard he was a pushover (including a wipe caused by a wow client crash) and yeah, he does need some work, especially since he's quite forgiving to unfortunate folks who wipe at 1%: here and here.

Tregge 07-14-2005 01:33 AM

Re: Blackwing Lag Fun

btw, heres some screens of other BWL stuff - apparently a GM OK'd Fury to continue progressing through...odd. *shrug*









Phoenix 07-14-2005 01:49 AM

Re: Blackwing Lag Fun
I really liked that second encounter ;)

Drunklight 07-14-2005 04:00 AM

Re: Blackwing Lag Fun

why do i have to get a job whenver something cool is put into the game?(well its the first time something cool gets put into the game so i guss i can let it slide this time?)

gratz guys, sry i had to sleep in the middle

Hellbourne 07-14-2005 07:35 AM

Gratz guys sorry i had to leave early ^^

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