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Default Re: Zzzz and yet not as boring as it may look

This is way off topic to our Lethon kill. Haha.

Couple things though: There is no way anyone will spend 3200$ on a homebuilt thats the equivilent of a 2k$ dell. Just won't happen. Ever.

When you buy your own components, you are ensured that you are getting quality if you know your shit. If you look inside a dell, most of their mobos are generic Intel, same with their RAM. PSU is usually underpowered. They can sell seemingly comparitive (specs wise) systems for close to the price you'd spend on buying your own crap because they buy lowest common denominator components in bulk. Dell didn't get rich on tiny profit margins.

I've built every box I have ever owned since my first pentium, as well as at least 25-30 boxes for friends and family over the years, and I can count on three fingers the amount of times a component has died. And two of which were those infamous Ti4200's that shipped with a timebomb defect that made the screen pink checkerboards. Other than that I had one hsf die that killed a processor. That's it. In almost 10 years thats it.

Meanwhile, we sell Dell's for our software all day long at work, and I've seen RAM, PSUs, Mobos, HDDs all die; some in a matter of weeks.

Dell needs to offer that good of a warrantee because their shitty parts are prone to breakdown.

Saying that a Dell is as good as a comparable homebuilt is sort of like saying that a Kia is as good as a Porsche because they both have 6-cyllander engines, and get you from point a to point b.

For Grandma or Stupid Customer X or Mr. Casual Comp User or Mr. I-use-my-comp-for-porn-and-poker, Dell is the way to go for sure; its not worth the hassle for them.

The company has its place. But imho its off-base to say that place is everywhere, because homebuilding always has and always will get you the best quality, highest performance parts for the same or less money than the generic-but-functional crap Dell uses.
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