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Default Re: Zzzz and yet not as boring as it may look

Originally Posted by Demetrius
I disagree.

Spec one of these out at Newegg:

221-5712 Dimension 8400 Series, Intel Pentium 4 Processor 550
(3.6GHz) w/HT Technology and 1MB cache
311-3978 2GB DDR2 SDRAM at 533MHz
310-1582 Dell Quiet Key Keyboard EA 0.00 0.00
463-4016 19 in (19.0 in viewable) 1905FP Ultra-Sharp Digital Flat Panel
320-4076 256MB Nvidia GeForce 7800 GTX Graphics Card
341-1594 NCQ SATA RAID 0 with Dual 160GB Hard Disks
340-8628 3.5in Floppy Drive
412-0409 Generic Dimension Dell Support
412-0688 Image Restore
420-4834 Microsoft Windows XP Professional Edition,Service Pack 2,English
420-4927 Windows Media Player 10 EA 0.00 0.00
310-1871 Dell 2-button Optical Scroll Mouse
430-0742 Intel Pro 1000 Integrated PCI NIC Card
313-2279 56K PCI Data Fax Modem EA 0.00 0.00
412-0705 Adobe Acrobat Reader 6.0 EA 0.00 0.00
313-3008 16X DVD-ROM and 16X DVD+/-RW Dual Layer
420-4919 PowerDVD Software Decoding for DVD Drives
313-3039 Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS Platinum, PCI w/Dolby Digital EX, IEEE1394,
7.1 channel, THX cert
313-2720 Factory Installed Audio EA 0.00 0.00
461-3821 Klipsch ProMedia Ultra 5.1 THX Cert.
412-0739 Network Associates McAfee 6.0, English, 15-Month Subscription
412-0741 Music Match 9.0 Basic EA 0.00 0.00
412-0744 Paint Shop Photo Album 5.1 Standard EA
412-0584 EARTHLINK TA2003 ISP EA 0.00 0.00
412-0625 Dell/My Way Home Page EA 0.00 0.00
412-0687 NETZERO ISP EA 0.00 0.00
420-3224 Broadband Icon for Inspiron EA 0.00
412-0701 Word Perfect Productivity Pack EA 0.00
950-3339 *3 Year Limited Warranty EA 0.00
412-0359 Soft Contracts - Qualxserve EA
902-4502 *Type 15- Third Party At Home Service with Nights and Weekends, 24x7 Technical Support, 2 Year Extended
902-5560 *Type 15- Third Party At Home Service with Nights and Weekkends, 24x7 Technical Support, Initial Year
960-2800 *Technical Support, Initial Year
950-5462 *Technical Support, 2 Year Extended

Ship. and/or Handling $0.00
Subtotal $2,008.15
Taxable: $263.12 Tax: $15.79
Total $2,023.94
I will when I can freely and overtly use the internet (i.e. not at work). But off the bat I ask: What motherboard is that? What RAM is that? What HDD is that? What graphics card is that? Answer across the board: GENERIC. They buy and use the cheapest lowest quality crap that will work and get them the desired 'advertisement specs', i.e. OMG 3.2GHz! OMG 2GB RAM!

Slightly off-topic, but I would always prefer AMD. Much cheaper, imho same performance at lower 'clock speeds', and great oc'ers.

That software is cheapass and you could download much higher quality programs for free (including wxp), barring any self-righteous moral opposition to software theft. I think thats also going to be where you see a lot of price inflation. We are talking components not software. The progs you listed including windows if bought retail are easily a thousand bucks of wasted cash.
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