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Default Re: Zzzz and yet not as boring as it may look

Originally Posted by Dardatheus
I will when I can freely and overtly use the internet (i.e. not at work). But off the bat I ask: What motherboard is that? What RAM is that? What HDD is that? What graphics card is that? Answer across the board: GENERIC. They buy and use the cheapest lowest quality crap that will work and get them the desired 'advertisement specs', i.e. OMG 3.2GHz! OMG 2GB RAM!
Cruicial RAM

Western Digital Raptor Drives

Dell branded, built by nVidia graphics card (theres a sticker on the card).

Motherboard is built by Dell, but to Intel specs.

Sound Blaster Audigy 2 Plat...

Klipsch Speakers....

Dell Flatpanel that uses a Samsung LCD panel

Toshiba DVD ROM and DVD Burner

Intel Pro Gigabit Ethernet

I can keep going....

It's not as "generic" as you think. The fact is that they buy shit by the TON thus having the Wal-Mart effect on the prices. Trust me, I did a huge project on Dell in my Microecon class, they aren't as bad as you think.

If you want generic, go buy an HP or a E-Machines.

edit: If you don't believe me I would be happy to take some internal pics of the parts
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