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Zhenya L`Usiv
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Default Who, as of May 8th, is in the WoW Beta?

First post/topic!

Slayne, Arnwolf, Myself, and possibly more folks that play evenings are unable to get guilded, due to the fact we play later (typically.)

Any chance we can get everyone currently guilded up to officer status for inviting purposes? I guess when there's less than 10 people playing, and no intent of out-of-guild-inviting, there's really no reasons in my mind that prevent all of us having invite potential, to cover the spread in play hours.


Can one of the 2 or 3 existing officers please just promote Slayne, Arn, or myself this weekend if we cross paths? Then we could theoretically get the evening folks taken care of.


Can one of the existing officers log on late one night and simply send a few invites?

Any help is appreciated, please refer to the general CoH thread for our in-game names.

Thanks in advance!
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