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Default More on recruiting.

We need more of just about any class. If you're a skilled player and a good person, who won't cause drama and want to join feel free to toss up a short introduction to yourself here. You could also send a tell to an officer in game(Annah, Didek, Azayia, Olgar, Dracon, Leiran are a few of the names you can try) and ask if you can tag along on a raid (please note that sometimes we won't have room for everyone and might not always be able to take you along at that current time). Also if you get invited along for a raid (or even a group) and you don't have an assist macro you will probably not make it very far.

We're a raiding guild mostly, we're currently in the process of keying ourselves up for Onyxias lair. We have also peek inside molten core some and expect to go back there once we have a few more members.

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