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Default Farewell Stormrage, Hello Executus.

We've been longing for something new and fresh for quite awhile now. Blackwing Lair was a disappointment, as it was really not much different from Molten Core. Then we had high hopes for Ahn'Qiraij. But was disappointed, While the encounters in that zone where challenging and very fun to do. The reward for beating them were not very rewarding.

So in pursuit of continued fun and challenges, we've decided to play horde on a new pvp server. So we'll bring our accumulated knowledge to this new server and hope it will be as fun as it was when WoW was new on stormrage.

Unfortunately some of our members are staying behind, we wish you the best of luck in whatever guild you choose to join. You will be missed sorely, you'll always be welcome to come chat with us in out IRC channel or come hang on Executus as an alt character.
To those who applied to us in hopes to join. We're sorry. We never intended for this to happen so suddenly, but we believe it will be for the better of the guild in the end.

And to those who will play on Executus, lets kick gnome butt!
Pain so close to pleasure...
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