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Default Re: Molten Core, week 2!

Originally Posted by Lolzers
I watched your fight vs azuregos , you attempted him 2x and wiped , then dusk killed him. You claim to kill rag , but no one has seen your gear... Right and now you claim you are up to nef , lie more.
I know you're sad Dusk broke up, but it's no reason to take it out on us! Bad things happen. Go to your garage, get a razor blade, and make pretty marks you your wrists and you'll feel much better.

And remember, down the road, not across the street.

P.S. It's a member of 'Hated' who made a sarcastic remark about being on Nef as seen here.

And once again you've neglected this picture.

It's ok pal... Reading comprehension is a hard thing. Lots of people have trouble with it. You're one of many!
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