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Default Re: Azuregos Bites The Dust

I was camping him and most of the raid was put together by me ramo and demetrius. We had to form the raid in less than 15 mins since there were a lot of horde scouts around and we knew word would get around fast. This was not an official Da`Kor raid. We felt it would be nice to kill the dragon. There were no loot rules because we thought no one would have accepted them and we didnt have the luxury of loosing the limited number of players we had there. I was the leader when she went down I didn't set loot on ffa because i knew someone would have just ninjaed stuff and that would have been worse. So under those circumstances group loot with everyone rolling for everything was the way to go. I am sorry if this caused any problems/unrest. I hope you can find someone to camp him for you and invite you to a better raid in future.
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