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Default Playing intercontinental a bannable offense

If you play on an in America located World of Warcraft server from an overseas location, it is now enough reason to get your account banned because hey, there's no way they can tell it's you playing your toon and not some Iraqi! About to get stationed in Iraq? Will you be allowed to play World of Warcraft? Sure, you just need to buy a second account and make the rich richer if you don't want to get suspended like happened to Wanton:


Yes, I didn't know that your husband was over seas. If your husband was playing from your computer or even a near by computer we wouldn't know it wasn't you. However since you are logging in from here and he is logging in for there it is obvious that a different person is logging in from 2 different IP addresses. In the Terms Of Use it states that it is against blizzards policy to share accts, and also (saddly for our military men and women) if the person is not in the western hem. they are not allowed to play on the US/Canada/Austraila Western Servers, and must play on the servers in their area (our European and Asain servers are different games with different coding and do not connect nor transfer. So yes, please have your husban stop logging in to avoid account banning.

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