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Default Re: Playing WoW intercontinental a bannable offense

Originally Posted by Darquan View Post
I guess its only a matter of time untill im banned then. See no point in continue to play.
I doubt they will ban you. There are quite a lot of non-Americans in our guild and it looks like Wanton was banned automatically for accessing his account through in IP which originates from Iraq. There's no actual Blizzard person directly involved in the ban which is the frustrating part of the banning, just some moron, or a bunch of morons, who decided that every American WoW account accessed through a Iraqi IP address should be automatically suspended and eventually banned.

Don't get me wrong, I think they should do something about the massive amount of scammers who create keyloggers, trojans and such to break into other people's accounts but suspending accounts because they were accessed from some odd/foreign IP address is ridiculous. It's possible to play WoW through a proxy server and I assume it's not very difficult to do it through a VPN either. Do they think these scammers are too dumb to know this too?

They have his email address in his contact information. They should automatically send a warning per email that is account is being accessed through this odd/foreign IP address and leave it with that.

A little off topic maybe, but with at least 4 spelling errors in that email I wonder if Blizzard Entertainment outsource their customer support to some foreign country with cheaper labor costs. And apparently the English spell checker didn't reach that country yet.
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