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Default Re: Playing intercontinental a bannable offense

I play from home, work and from a friends house every Monday before we watch Heroes. These are all 3 different IP's on 3 different subnets. If I get banned for this, or questioned, I honestly think i'll loose interest in WoW from that experience.

On another note: I live in Petawawa, Ontario. The biggest land troop army base in all of Canada. 14,000+ soliders here. You can't go to a coffee store without seeing men and women in army uni's around you. We have atleast 3 soldiers die per week in Iraq and Afganastan(sp). I really hope these men and women that risk their lives for us to call home, home.. can play a little video game on their downtime from WAR without having to worry that their account will be BANNED. These people risk their lives for us, this is one of the only things that might remind them of home, but now it's a bannable offense....

I can only hope someone brings this to the attention of the technology dept reps of the army and they contact blizzard to work this out. Our troops need WoW as much as we do.
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