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Default Re: Hi, Please Join Us ! =)

Common Requirements
  • High Attendance (70%+ attendance) -- read Instructions on How to Apply to Da`Kor for our raiding schedule.
  • Be Passionate About Raiding.
  • Uses vent.
  • Friendly and cooperative to fellow guildmates.
  • Relentlessly competitive about wanting to maximize guild raid progression.
  • Does not think that WoW is "just a game".
  • Cares more about progression than loot acquisition.
  • Likes to farm consumables for raids on off time.
  • Long History of Raiding preferred.
  • History of guild loyalty desired.
  • Must be an adult or able to role-play one. Maturity and relentless patience are required.
  • Believes that you don't have spend all your spare time playing WoW, because, after all, you need to surf the web and read discussions about WoW too.

Please read Instructions on How to Apply to Da`Kor for directions on how to apply.

Please post your applications here.
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