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Default Supremus and Shade of Akama got WTFPWNED!

Two new victims of Ownage Inc's train just got knocked the.... well, you know the saying. Our first ever attempt on Supremus, and he seemed nothing more than another Thaladred. Then after adjusting to the tactics of the Shade of Akama, the shadow entity of Akama was demolished.

6 new bosses down in a matter of 9 days! Gratz to everyone on this accomplishment! Our train is now heading to a non-stop departure to Teron Gorefiend.


Akama after Defeating the Shade

Corpse of Shade of Akama
18:48:22 [W] Tryst: Like people fear that I'll immediately boot them out of the guild, hunt down their family and slowly roast them over a car engine, while hanging them up by their nipples with meathooks and giving them tons of paper cuts on the bottom of their feet.

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