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Default We Are Recruiting!

Update: 4/17/08 - Da`Kor is currently recruiting members in preparation for Sunwell Plateau. Our current class desirability is:
  • Druid: Closed
  • Hunter: Closed
  • Mage: Low
  • Paladin: Closed
  • Priest: Holy - Low
  • Rogue: Closed
  • Shaman: Resto - Medium
  • Warlock: Low
  • Warrior: Closed

If you find yourself in the "Low" or "Closed" category then donít immediately discount us. Desirability is a fluctuating thing and we are always interested in exceptional players of any class. Please visit Our recruitment thread here for more information. If you have no tier 5 experience, do not bother applying.

T6 gear is almost needed at this point. At the very least, the best at the T5 level.

GET ALTED (by alts)

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