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Default We are Recruiting!!!

Update: 03/29/09 - Da`Kor is Currently recruiting the following classes for upcoming WOTLK 25 Raids:
  • Death Knight: Very Low
  • Druid: Very Low
  • Hunter: Very Low
  • Mage: Very Low
  • Paladin: Very Low
  • Priest: Very Low
  • Rogue: Very Low
  • Shaman: Very Low
  • Warlock: Very Low
  • Warrior: Very Low

As you can see, we are only interested right now in recruiting very exceptional players.

If you find yourself in the "Low" or "Closed" category then donít immediately discount us. Desirability is a fluctuating thing and we are always interested in exceptional players of any class. Please visit Our recruitment thread here for more information. Sunwell experience is a huge plus.

We will be experience new content, and require maximum participation during recruitment. You MUST maintain 75% attendance if you are applying and maintain a Minimum of 6 months of High Attendance.
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