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Originally Posted by Wingus View Post
<3 Levi

Far be it for me to point out that he spelled weak wrong while calling people dumb.............but lol.
Na I spelled it correctly(Just not the correct version of weak/week). I just didn't proof read at all. I type really fast and sometimes I'll type random words in the middle of sentances due to muscle reflex. Sometimes there will be completely out of place words because the first letter or two will be the same as the word im meaning to type so my fingers just blast out the rest of the word. For example I probably type "week" much more often then "weak" and thus my fingers are used to typing double e's. Regardless I could have taken the 5 seconds to proof the post :P

Sometimes Ill type "some" instead of "so" when I proof because the first letters are the same as another example.
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