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Default Re: Tryst/Kara to come back or not to come back!!!

Well.. he doesn't have to lead at all. Would rather have him relax. But from what I've been told, he likes to step it up a notch even though he says he doesn't want to .

As you can see tryst and kara.. you guys are missed. And you're missed a lot. People still talk about things that you've done. I mean.. just the other day I remember the time when we were in SSC and the day Cold boycotted the raid, how you blew up on Manus. It was classic! Albeit, you blew out my left earpiece of my headphone. But looking back, that was hilarious! Think we were heading up to Leotheris when that happened. It was great!

18:48:22 [W] Tryst: Like people fear that I'll immediately boot them out of the guild, hunt down their family and slowly roast them over a car engine, while hanging them up by their nipples with meathooks and giving them tons of paper cuts on the bottom of their feet.

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