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Thumbs up Re: Tryst/Kara to come back or not to come back!!!

Well.. he doesn't have to lead at all. Would rather have him relax. But from what I've been told, he likes to step it up a notch even though he says he doesn't want to
People like Tryst can't sit back and be part of the crowd, it's not relaxing at all to do so. It's also impossible once you've been in a position of power and not from your own standpoint but from everyone else.
On the contrary, I got a different take from the whole Tryst thing.
I know I wasn't there for the Tryst leadership era, but I played with Tryst for quite a while, learned a great deal from him, and got to know him pretty good (and that's saying a lot, because usually the man only speaks when he's got something important to say).

He had told me a story about the guild he was in before he joined Da'Kor, about how he ended up in leadership, and how it burnt him out. That's why he left them. He was pretty content being Warlock class head. He had limited responsibilities, while having a good time with a very good warlock crew ~ himself, Wophat, Pennywisdom, Ashius, and me. He seemed right in his comfort zone, and was happy (as happy as a Tryst can be, I guess).

This is why it came as a shock to me when he took on a leadership role in Da'Kor. I even whispered him (and Karadwen) about it, that I was in shock. I told him not to let it burn him out, because I knew what had happened before, and I didn't want it to happen to him again.

Unfortunately, it did.

But if you think about what Tryst did for Da'Kor on Executus, you could say he was it's savior. You guys took serious hits with AoC coming out, then with Warhammer. People on the server saw you guys in big trouble. Tryst stood up and took the reins because he loved Da'Kor too much to see it fall.
He did it at a cost~ he got burnt out and quit the game.
IMO Tryst can not be thanked enough for what he did.
And now, what you are doing, Tenseiga.

Tryst, Tens, Aya (who has done so much for you guys), and the officers deserve an endless amount of thanks and respect for hanging in there and being the leaders (and people) that they are.

Kudos to you all
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