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Default Re: Tryst/Kara to come back or not to come back!!!

Originally Posted by Vittra View Post
People like Tryst can't sit back and be part of the crowd, it's not relaxing at all to do so. It's also impossible once you've been in a position of power and not from your own standpoint but from everyone else.
Key words colour coded for easier reading comprehension.

I am well aware of why Tryst was selected to lead the guild after Aya stepped down. No one else would have been able to keep the guild intact, period. I have known Tryst since he was an app, which, by the way, was far before the word Da`Kor was even a thought in your head let alone a tag on your character. I also know of his aversion to leadership roles, as I share it. There's a reason I've turned down officership twice. His contributions and influence to Da`Kor is exactly why he'd never be able to just be part of the crowd ever again. Most people who are hardcore need breaks regardless of if they are leaders or not anyways, burn out still exists.
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