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Default Re: Obama: Great President or The Greatest President?

Yes, because Bush obviously protected the USA from terrorists, instead of just giving those people easier targets closer to home. I'm sure Homeland Security is the reason we haven't had another 3k dead. Then again, I'd be interested in seeing how many extra people die because we attempted to print our way out of a recession, we continue to enact more and more regulation and social nets to somehow protect people, all the while continuing to work on America's little empire and running a nice, big deficit.

Of course, I'm sure the terrorists only ever would dare target the US because of its freedom and liberty. Not because we spend decades in these countries messing with their lives, not because we helped them get themselves killed against Saddam, the USSR, or other groups, warlords, and nations. Perhaps the easiest way to stop being a target for terrorists is to stop killing people in terrorist nations who had nothing to really do with it in the first place? Perhaps it is to stop going over to other nations, treating them like shit, and then expecting them to be good little American sycophants.

While I most definitely do not support Obama, nor do I believe his policies are going to work, I find calling him soft on terrorists relatively laughable. How many major terrorist attacks occurred on US soil prior to the first Persian Gulf War, which most likely was entirely preventable anyways? And then, I also have the worry that what can be used against others can be used against oneself. For instance, the executive powers taken by the Bush administration and cheered on by Republicans now are too much when it is a Democrat who holds them. This cycle repeats itself and probably will again, unless there is an actual plan to be different among Republicans, since I doubt a third party will garner enough support to actually make a run. But I can hope, can't I? Maybe I'll run as an anarchist.
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