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Default Re: Obama: Great President or The Greatest President?

Gynon, I simply have doubts that the release of how the CIA or whoever tortured a some people is going to create a new and more sinister backlash than already exists. Most people have known or heard that the US tortures prisoners starting back in Abu Ghraib in 2004 or so. Then we had the sites in other countries, the waterboarding, the defense of waterboarding by Cheney which continues to this day, I just don't see the release of how the US waterboarded a couple guys 250 some odd times is going to suddenly be the spark that starts a renewed fight. They already have plenty to be pissed about without worrying about specifics.

Sure, could this be added on to the list giving it more specifics? Certainly. But I'm kind of doubtful terrorist organizations are going to get that specific in their denunciations of America, rather than simply putting down how America has tortured thousands of people, gotten thousands killed in Iraq, left Afghanistan as soon as the Soviets were beaten, leaving the Afghanis to pick up the rubble, etc. etc.

And before anyone comes in here and calls me some Arab sympathizer, I do not condone any of the terrorist actions conducted by...well, anyone. But at the same time, I do not believe that they are acting against the US because of our freedom or jealousy, but instead as a reaction to policies and actions taken by the US.
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