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Default Re: Obama: Great President or The Greatest President?

I have to agree with Gynon. While I applaud Obama's stance on dealing with Pakistan, this new water-boarding ordeal is completely sad. He obviously knows the scenario but is playing the popular vote card by not sticking up for past actions. Furthermore, the information gained from those 'detainees' shouldn't be shared with the public. Why would we feed everyone our own intel? Realize this isn't happy-happy land and there's a reason why great leaders still read The Art of War, twenty five hundred years later!

Quite simply, what and how the CIA operates isn't the business of the general public. Hampering our ability to protect ourselves should be one of the last ideas on our agenda. The release of the documents is totally a politically (aka TV popularity these days) motivated front to try and push more blame to a prior Administration. Let's focus on new shit and stop wasting time and money on stuff that actually saved American lives.

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