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Default Re: Obama: Great President or The Greatest President?

Obama and his administration is like 3 or 4 school girls bickering amongst each other, constantly attacking the former administation and making OUR country look bad to the rest of the world just to make themselves look good! Because the American people want CHANGE! Change what? Change the best country in the world that has the longest political running in history? I understand that as time marches on that we will need to tweak the laws and rules as a whole, but, OUR forefathers knew what was up, this one administration (current) can and will turn this County in certain directions that we will never recover from IMO! All for the price of CHANGE! LMAO Most of the American people aren't just idiots, they have no clue to what is to come. I will be shocked if Obama is still alive by the end of his TERM! He has no respect for this Country at all!
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