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Default Re: Obama: Great President or The Greatest President?

Against the law to torture captured enemy combatants? Are we now binding everyone to the Geneva Convention because I seem to recall several other people not signing up for that!

Torture has been used for thousands of years, to write it off as an non-effective source of intelligence gathering would be very short sighted. Granting torture rights really becomes an issue because of the chance of corruption. The possibility that the Government would abuse that power really scares people out of being practical and thus this never ending debate on the morality of torture. I don't think anyone here has the motivation or desire to argue another 10 pages to a stand still.

In my opinion, they'd (terrorists in general) do it to Americans in half a heartbeat. Some may want to comment with the typical "Take the higher road.." response, but to those people I will say, do some time in a real combat zone and tell me if it's worth the trade off.

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