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Default Re: Obama: Great President or The Greatest President?

Originally Posted by Tryst View Post
So Gynon, you believe torture is perfectly acceptable. I completely and unequivocally disagree for a number of reasons. First, it is against the law as it violates a persons' rights. Second, the information gained from torture is commonly useless and wrong. The tortured often say what they think the torturer wants to hear. Third, once you allow the government to begin torturing one group, you have lost any real defense to allowing the government to torture other groups. Typically under a Republican administration, left wing groups are made out as enemies, under a Democrat right wing, and if you let the government begin torturing, it will not stop with one or two terrorist leaders. Once a government gains a power to do something, it will fight tooth and nail to retain that power and expand it. One need only look at the history of the US government, especially post-Civil War.

Now, the argument that because we supposedly discovered a plot with torture, therefore torture is good is not very good logic either. It is based on the assumption that under no other circumstance would we have been able to discover this plot and that this plot was in fact a real plot and not just a potential brain child, something that torture often does net as the tortured attempts to please. Finally, I would argue that losing another 3-5 thousand people in a terrorist attack is better than giving the government the ability to torture those it is able to demonize and ignore the rights of. As horrible as losing the three thousand plus on 9/11 was, how does it justify the deaths of many times that number of innocent civilians, just because they're not American? Or that more Americans have died attempting to extract so called justice than died in the actual attack.

As for prosecution, yes, I believe they should be prosecuted. No government official or representative should ever have immunity or safety for what they do in office or while representing the government, not politicians, not police, not judges, no one. If they choose to ignore the law and perform criminal actions, they need to be held accountable for their actions before a jury. Do I think it'll really happen? Probably not, the government tends to protect its own.

I know that I don't know you very well Tryst, but I totally disagree with you, you left wing advocates always trying to protect the enemies till it happens to one of your loved ones!

Imagine for once if 9/11 included your wife, husban, kids, friends, loved ones, mother, father, brother, daughter. These terrorist people are mass murderers.

This is the worst presidential admin. in history IMO. The whole Obama family is stupid, He shakes enemies hands, she hugs a Queen (lol) they give mp3 players to kings as a present (lmao) and now they want to prosicute former goverment officials for saving more American lives, I guess this is a good example of how everyone is different and has different beliefs, personally I say torture them all for any info., and then the simple term of Kill them all, comes to my mind. I know its harsh and barbaric but to me better the enemy than American citizens.

If this left wing approach continues, we won't even have organizations such as the CIA, FBI, and such forth. There members will be to afraid to do there jobs.
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