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Default Re: Obama: Great President or The Greatest President?

Originally Posted by Scarhead View Post
I know that I don't know you very well Tryst, but I totally disagree with you, you left wing advocates always trying to protect the enemies till it happens to one of your loved ones!

Imagine for once if 9/11 included your wife, husban, kids, friends, loved ones, mother, father, brother, daughter. These terrorist people are mass murderers.

This is the worst presidential admin. in history IMO. The whole Obama family is stupid, He shakes enemies hands, she hugs a Queen (lol) they give mp3 players to kings as a present (lmao) and now they want to prosicute former goverment officials for saving more American lives, I guess this is a good example of how everyone is different and has different beliefs, personally I say torture them all for any info., and then the simple term of Kill them all, comes to my mind. I know its harsh and barbaric but to me better the enemy than American citizens.

If this left wing approach continues, we won't even have organizations such as the CIA, FBI, and such forth. There members will be to afraid to do there jobs.
These are the reasons why politics and gaming should never exist in this guild! ESPECIALLY COMMENTS LIKE THIS. IRC is already bad as it is with it, and it severely disgusts me.

18:48:22 [W] Tryst: Like people fear that I'll immediately boot them out of the guild, hunt down their family and slowly roast them over a car engine, while hanging them up by their nipples with meathooks and giving them tons of paper cuts on the bottom of their feet.

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