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Default Re: Obama: Great President or The Greatest President?

Originally Posted by Ogmuk View Post
Yep, I'm with Tens. Comments like those makes me uncomfortable knowing I'm in the guild with extremists. Apparently not everyone can keep the discussion at an intelligent level, so let's just not discuss politics at all, alright?

Ok, since I can't keep an intelligent discussion with you all (meaning I'm not intellegent) I will not post on these forums again!

I will say this in closing though, we (America) was attacked with intent to kill, they hit not only the world trade center, but also the pentagon, and the forth jet was going toward the whitehouse! To me this is WAR! The Bush Admin. had to decide in a swift manner as to how to handle this huge problem and for the most part I believe they did a very good job.

In closing my final post I'll also say that I am also against war , murder, terror, bullying, or any other conflicting situation! But till there is no more conflict in the world there has to be some kind of punishment for those kind of actions!

Edit: I didn't mean kill them all as in kill all of a particular race but as in any organized group that is killing innocent people because of a conflict of a religious belief.

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