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Default Re: Obama: Great President or The Greatest President?

Originally Posted by Scarhead View Post
Ok, since I can't keep an intelligent discussion with you all (meaning I'm not intellegent) I will not post on these forums again!
Should just keep in mind that Da`Kor is a large guild with many members and a long history. This means, statistically, the political views of its members likely run the gamut from conservative to liberal and every flavor in between. Out of respect for the tag, if for no other reason, it's best to refrain (on either side) from implying that any one range of the political spectrum is filled with idiots, as doing so likely insults/alienates a significant percentage of people.

Get a lot more mileage out of presenting your views and providing support for those arguments rather than disparaging the views of others and approaching the problem from a negative perspective. (i.e. "I support the conservative position and here's why" goes a lot farther than "obama is the worst president in history"). One way might get leftists to entertain your arguments. The latter approach won't do anything except cause hackles to rise.

And Tryst as a leftist advocate. Lol, I about spewed Mountain Dew into my screen. Clearly you're right that you don't know him
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