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Default Re: Obama: Great President or The Greatest President?

Well everyone is in a differnt stage of life having differnt beliefs, values, moral, ethics and ideals. We also live very different kinds of lifes. Ie some of us are in good situations some bad, some rich some poor, some open some closed perspectives. Politics allows everyone to have their own interpretation based off information and data that they have gathered or interpreted their own way, so much so that even multiple people seeing the same info will take it differently.

I take politics as a grain of salt and most people prolly should, politics shouldn't be discussed as though its a religion or such as im trying to force you to try my choice of beverage. It should be viewed more as "this is the kind of drink i chose", whats your view on it and what kind do you like.

When it gets down to it there is no black and white right or wrong perspective, too serious or not. Its all a huge combination of judgement calls and shades of gray.

Also scar I thought your post was interesting and you shouldn't quit posting cause some one has a differnt view then you or thinks your an "extreemist" beause in or for you to be an extreemest in their perspecitce they have obviously seen their side extreemests from their own perspective.

Also scar since I <3 you and you know it, you spelt intelligent wrong =P in your post.

Im sure I have alot of spelling errors and typos in this post since I typed it really fast without using shift to cap all my I's.

That being said i kind of see it from both perspectives, I think its wrong that Gov officials are being prosecuted for doing their job to prevent terrorism. Then again i go back to eye for an eye, if they were planning or did help in causing huge damage to innocent people fuck em. They deserve everything they got. Though i otherwise feel obama hasn't done anything huge wrong, gifts are gifts and him doing so generaly makes him look better. I mean think he was on one of the Night talk shows, which is a first of all the presidents. It seems like hes trying to be more of a "peoples president". As for me i have no linear perspective, though i apreciate so far all the good reads from posts as it is always nice to know how other people precieve things.
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