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Default Re: Obama: Great President or The Greatest President?

It's rather sad that people are so quick to dismiss politics as something that can't be discussed constructively. Scar had many valid points, but I think too often nowadays we're brought into some kind of mockery of a court on the terms of political correctness nowadays, and the expectation that follows that is either everyone comes to the same conclusion, or is somehow directly offending the person opposing their ideas. Simply put, you're always going to have people who disagree with your viewpoint, otherwise it's likely that it's much less a viewpoint, and much more a fact.

Furthermore, considering how it was very much the fault of the people for the flawed activities in both the Bush and Obama administrations, I find it far from productive for us to prohibit politics as a topic for discussion for fear of offending people. It can be an offensive topic, but refusing to talk about it altogether is essentially stating that you intend to continue to give Obama and the clowns in Congress the same free reign we'd given the Bush administration for years, and let them spin us into a more chaotic economic and international status.

PS - Whoever it was that mentioned that Obama had given the queen an MP3 player neglected to mention the collection of DVDs he gifted to another European head. The irony? They were coded for US DVD players.
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