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Default Ragnaros 2 ran over by the Pink Bunny Squad!

Major Domo Executus bit the dust on the first attempt, as usual. After clearing it to Ragnaros, he was trembling in fear... who wouldn't when a Pink Bunny Squad is about to own you?

It's a Da`Kor tradition to wipe once on a trivial boss before owning it and behold, no different on Ragnaros; stage 2 and his death with this raid. Want to know what dropped? Check our Phat Lewtz Tracker to your left.

Oh yeah, Onyxia will die later today after we take a break. Good info for everyone who wants to kill Onyxia: tip of the day.

Kazzak, Azuregos and Onyxia were unhappy with the PBS (Pink Bunny Squad!) paying them a visit. Their corpses are rotting; a killing spree has resulted in all World of Warcraft's 'big bosses' dead in one day. Kudos to Azuregos, he put up the best fight of the day.
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