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Default Re: Da`Kor done raiding WoW

His tired gaze - from passing endless bars -
has turned into a vacant stare which nothing holds.
To him there seem to be a thousand bars,
and out beyond these bars exists no world.
His supple gait, the smoothness of strong strides
that gently turn in ever smaller circles
perform a dance of strength, centered deep within
a will, stunned, but untamed, indomitable.
But sometimes the curtains of his eyelids part,
the pupils of his eyes dilate as images
of past encounters enter while through his limbs
a tension strains in silence
only to cease to be, to die within his heart.
If we do not open our eyes to reality soon, they will get fucked right out of our heads.

I have no idols. I admire work, dedication and competence.

This game isn't rocket science, and yet the fail players are legion.
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