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Default Re: Da`Kor Chapter - Aion

Originally Posted by Ashius View Post
end game pvp, is like warhammer? open world? the thing i dont like about that , is you get zerged 30 vs 10 (or 200 vs 50) sometimes. It can be nice when you beat large numbers like that, but overall, i prefer closed areas where the playing field is even(like wow bgs or arena).
End game in WAR has changed dramatically, still a messed up game, but the end game pvp got better. As for Aion, Oogly knows more about the end game probably out of a lot of us since he and alpha have been playing the Korean version for some time I believe. But some folks have stated that the Aion Zerg isn't that bad compared to what it was in WAR:

If it's a lot like DAOC with roaming groups, then the game has potential.

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