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Default 10-Year Anniversary

As Vendrix wrote in Da`Kor - what we are:
Da`Kor was formed when two groups of the highest level people on the Emarr EQ server decided that they wanted /gu to be more than a chat channel (they had been using another guild temporarily). They wanted a real guild, one with goals such as slaying Dragons and raiding The Planes. [...] We knew we needed certain classes to get the job done, but thatís definitely not all of it. Was I concerned with how well someone played, oh, hell yea, but there was another factor that was just as, if not more important to me Ė personality. [...]

All Iím asking is that this guild try to hold onto what it started as, a group of tightly knit people who not only felled Dragons/Gods, but enjoyed logging in just to see what was going on in each otherís lives. One weekend I met nine members of Da`Kor in Minneapolis, MN and I would like to do that again, someday, hopefully with twice as many.
For those who want a quick summery of our history, EverQuest and World of Warcraft were the longest chapters but some of the other games we've played were: Dark Age of Camelot, Anarchy Online, PlanetSide and Age of Conan. Our EverQuest chapter lasted from September 1999 to April 2001. In November 2004, when "The Next Big Thing" finally arrived, we started our World of Warcraft chapter on the Alliance side of Stormrage. Don't ask me why we wanted to play the side which outnumbered the opponents by 8:1! Shortly after killing Princess Huhuran (AQ40), April 2006, we rerolled Horde on the new PvP server Executus and had a blast trying to catch up with older servers. As of June 2009 we are not active in any game other than Aion, so if you see our tag anywhere else, it's not us!

Who would have thought we would still be around 10 years after starting our guild on Erollisi Marr? It's great to still find the same names in IRC, still slacking at work. And thanks to the 4Ĺ years we put into World of Warcraft, almost half our history, we managed to breathe new life into our guild. It wasn't easy finding Da`Kor material in a game so different from EverQuest in nearly every aspect but when we made the decision to reroll on Executus and saw how many people chose for Da`Kor over their character, it was evident that we found personalities in a game laden with fortune seeking guildhoppers. During our last few years on Executus we were fortune enough to lure some great people to the dark side, now all we need is "The Next Big Thing" for us to jump onto. Let's hope it turns out to be Aion!

There have been made some changes to the website. In the next couple of days I'll be adding screenshots to the Social Group. If you have old screenshots lying around, you can upload them too. First upload them to your own Album and from there add them to the appropriate Social Group (i.e. EverQuest, World of Warcraft, etc.). Convert the tga to jpg before uploading it. But please make a selection of the best ones you have.

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