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While I do enjoy PvP when I want to PvP, I have found that servers where it's always on are pretty much the pit of MMO civilization. The people, for the most part, are just that much more 'dickish.' For anyone that played WoW and did the random dungeon thing, you knew IMMEDIATELY when you got into a group with people from a PvP server (Warsong, holy shit bad). They say the dumbest things and, in almost every case, are fucking terrible at actually playing the game... but, fuck that, it doesn't stop them from talking shit the entire time.

Here is the difference between a PvP and PvE server:

PvE - Login, do quests and level up. Do dungeons, level up. Hit max level.

PvP - Login, begin doing quests and get ganked by someone 20-30 levels higher than you. Find level 20's group for dungeon, not be able to get in because its guarded by a group of level 40's, die a few times, give up and go back to questing. Hit max level... much later than had you played on a PvE server. Amount of meaningful PvP experience where you/group actually had a chance - zero.

PvP only happens on PvP servers when you're leveling, when you're at a disadvantage (or you take time out of leveling to be the dick killing low level people). At the level cap it then only happens on the rare occasion that you run into another group/raid about to enter the same place you are. I'm withholding my vote until I know more about what type of PvP there will be in the game, with regards to BGs/scenarios and shit like that.
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