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It's difficult to take this vote now with only a few people actually knowing anything about the game. Maybe there is a negligible difference between the PvE/PvP servers and it's a moot point, but maybe the difference ends up being vast. Right now, I don't know and I voted PvE simply based on my previous experience leveling on DAoC and WoW PvP servers.

The difference, to me, between the two is that you gain almost nothing by being on a PvP server. The pluses of, "wow, that was some good PvP and we kicked their asses!" are always far outweighed by the, "so, yea, I'm trying to get to you guys but I'm being corpse camped by someone named Darthsephirothxx" or, "I've died 6 times trying to get into the instance, but there is a group of level 50's camping the entrance." This was the exact scenario of WoW. I leveled multiple toons on PvP servers and the majority of PvP combat you saw was while leveling, supremely out-leveled by your attacker. If I had to say exactly what I felt it added to the game - speed bump.

My life has changed a lot, no longer do I have from 4-12pm after work to grind out XP to stay ahead of or equal to the front running power gamers. In all likelihood, I'll have from 8-11pm and maybe some weekend time. Should BobaPhag decide to corpse camp me for an hour, he just ate 33% or more of my playtime for the night.

But, again, I'm just speculating. Maybe the game will end up being like Warhammer, where even on a PvE server the open realm areas got bigger as you progressed in levels and you could choose or choose not to enter them, as well as having battlegrounds which keeps people busy and there is less griefing. If it's just the same PvE world with neither of those and the ability to kill people anytime/anywhere, well, then it's going to be like UO and... fuck that.
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