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I'm not so sure that rolling Empire is a good idea.

Quotes from forums:
Someone crunched the numbers based on guilds and found that looking at all PvP servers, the ratio seems to be around 70:30 in favor of the Empire. If the number of characters on each side mirrors that ratio, it's going to cause some real problems I think; that's saying that imperials will outnumber republic by more than 2 to 1.
The poll in my signature has stayed around (60% Imperial) (40% Republic) for a while now.
The official class poll is about 47% republic and 53% empire.

Dev comment about faction balance from February:

(my takeaway is that they don't think they can do anything about the overall cross-server faction balance)

A thread about the pop stats of PVP PST servers as they look right now (horribly imbalanced):
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