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Default The latest Razorgore dies too

Yesterday we killed the latest version of Razorgore, an encounter which will get changed by Blizzard at least a dozen times more, no doubt. Those who killed Razorgore in an honest way prior to this hotfix will find this version easier than the old one once a decent strategy has been figured out. The toughest part for us was getting 40 people online who didn't mind dying, which took us a week. First serious attempts 2 days ago, about 3 attempts and we pwned his ass yesterday on the very first fight.

(picture isn't from yesterday's fight, but the link is)

For those who are don't feel like leveling a third or fourth character to 60, some of us made an alt on a new PvP server (Dark Iron) to play when we aren't raiding. Send me a tell in-game and we can get the guild started there. Cross-server Kazzak and Azuregos alerts, ftw!

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