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I've played P&P (pen and paper) role-playing games for a long time, like D&D, and never at level 3 did I think, "wow, could use to advance stats or buy spells or invest in alternate advancement/talents.
we've considered that, however we got into the arguement that most people are idiots and couldnt spec themselves correctly unless they were given a website or strict rules. "i took all the skills... now im lvl15 with 15 skills at lvl1. why am i dieing so much?"

Also, one more thing, don't put your content on repeat. Fucking, fuck, the whole "do this raid zone, beat it, then do it again on HEROIC to really beat it for the same items" can suck a dick.
To me thats too WoW like. i hate WoW to a point where id rather put my junk in a meat grinder than play it. wont happen.
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