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I'm doing WoW raiding at the moment with some guild on Bleeding Hollow, spend most of my non-WoW gaming time on HotS (heroes of the storm, not heart of the swarm, though I do some of that too).

Saucise and Stickfoot are both playing the new revamped final fantasy MMO that got released (relatively) recently. They say they are looking for more raiders! Raids are 8 person in that game, so only need a few more (they have 3 so far, another canadian that didn't raid with us). I might play that too but I'm trying to decide if I can get past the taru-taru and moogles (still have nightmares from ffxi).

I think Unreal and Shift are casual, not sure.

Crazy is still doing WoW with a pacific alliance guild.

I haven't heard from Oogly and Tryst in forever.
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