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Hey Bralan... I use curse-gaming to manage add-ons and I use:

Bartender 4: skin/modify all your action bars / UI
[b]Grid 2: replacement raid/group frames
[b]Shadowed Unit Frames: replacement frames for your card, target card, target-of-target cards, etc.
Skada Damage Meters: self explanatory
Weak Auras 2: helps manage cooldowns and buffs/debuffs
VEM: the new DBM, helps explain raid / group mechanics ... is cool because it uses voice to warn you
Masque: this plugs into things like Bartender, Shadowed Unit Frames, etc. to allow you to change the graphics that go around buttons/frames/etc.

Jev uses elvui which sort of does everything all at once and replaces Bartender 4, Shadowed Unit Frames, and Masque ... but I didn't care for it.

Using the curse-gaming client makes it much easier. It keeps your mods up to date and makes it easy to one-click install mods.
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