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I'm still alive!!! Turned 68 this past August. Still doing Gaming Surveillance at Aria in Las Vegas. Have played D3, TESO, and Torchlight2 lately. Mostly solo, not much in grouping. Hope you all are well and enjoying life. Would love to play with you guys again, but I just can't dedicate the time it takes to do all that raiding!!! Still, my best memories and times in gaming were with Everquest on Erollisi Marr and WoW (both servers). Couldn't play enough to keep up with you guys after switching servers, though.

Everything started when I met Dionyza in the zone next to the High Elf home city in Everquest. We formed a small group and added Dracon, Silvarian, and one other player whose character I just can't remember -- began with "Ch" (and NO, not Chukzombie!) if I recall correctly. We eventually joined Lords of Valor, and then Dakor. What a blast those days were! I'll never forget you guys (unless Alzheimers sets in, then all bets are off!)

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