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Default Da`kor is Back! Sort Of....

We have a small collection of players raiding on Executus under the <Nerds at Work> guild tag. We are raiding two nights a week with about 10 people at the moment. We are 6/8 Uldir heroic, and are currently looking for any old Da`kor members that want to join up. Anyone interested in raiding with us can add me on battlenet at Gynon#1854.

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Glad to see some of you folks are still playing together! I'm 71 now, and still enjoying gaming, mostly playing Destiny 2 and Red Dead Redemption 2. Live long and prosper!!

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Holy shit Mahl! Glad you're still kickin'! Please hop into our Discord server and lets get you connected with the old crew. I'll send you a DM here. Also, sorry it took me a year to see this! :P
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Man, was talking to some folks in another game and EQ got brought up, so I thought I'd check if y'all were still around. Glad to see some of y'all are still playing together
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