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Default For those who love Mind Control...

In Naxx, apparently there is a boss encounter by the name of Instructor Razuvious in which you must mind control his 4 "students" to tank him.


Because he hits for 24,000. Supposedly un-tankable. But when you MC one of his students you have taunt and shieldwall to your disposal.

I guess he walks around really slow too...

Sounds like a fun / new concept.
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Default Re: For those who love Mind Control...

yeah i was on test with a raidgroup doing this encounter and it was sure a different one.. But really fun.

Just need to get a good rotation going with the MC'd adds. And then try and keep the adds off the priests when MC breaks.

got him to 80% or so with a PUG with complete retards. He also had some AoE shout that drains all mana from people within range and deals 2000dmg.
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