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Default MMO thoughts

Hey guys!

A few of yas know this - Im working on my own MMO from the ground up. Im not part of a big corp, but this is me and a few partners building a game platform and then the game itself. we have a renderer that we have chosen, and now we are building... well..... the rest. While this means we are unfunded, it DOES mean we can make this game however we like

The reason WHY im mentioning this is because I would like to hear what people are looking for in a MMO, what would grab your interest, what would keep you playing past the first few months and what would keep you going when u hit max level.

You can answer this post if you like, or you can email me at pyoskowitz@winterleafentertainment.com

thanks for the input, itll help me see how close to "on track" that the game is going.

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