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Default Roll for who gets Kazzak? WTF!

<GM>Zurrazik whispers: A decision has been made to have 3 Game Masters roll for the raids. Each Game Master will represent a raid. Please have your raid members wait below the top of this hill.

<GM>Zurrazik whispers: The winning raid will have the first attempt on Lord Kazzak. Any interference from the other raids will result in action against their accounts.

<GM>Zurrazik whispers: Game Master Vosule will be representing Deadheads Raid. Game Master Zlorpax will be representing Olgars Raid. Game Master Lokann will be representing Talesavo.

<GM>Zurrazik whispers: Talesavo won with a 75. Olgar has the 2nd try with a 39. And Deadhead has third dibs with a 2.

It's silly how griefers are rewarded and even get to roll on Kazzak (rolling for an attempt, wtf!). But we walked away with the eye in the end, didn't we?
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