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Lightbulb Profession Trainers

The Horde profession trainers for 300-375 are at Thrallmar
(unless otherwise noted):

* Jewelcrafting - Kalaen is inside the Inn
* Skinning - Moorutu is outside under a small tent in front of the Inn
* Leatherworking - Barim Spilthoof is with the skinning trainer Smile
* Tailoring - Dalinna is inside the Inn
* Cooking - Baxter is inside the Inn
* Alchemy - Apothecary Antonivich is inside the mage tower on the west side of Thrallmar
* Enchanting - Felannia is inside the mage tower on the west side of Thrallmar
* Engineering - Mack Diver at Zabra'jin in Zangarmarsh, located just outside the fence on the southeast side of town, standing under the bridge that leads into town.
* Mining - Krugosh is standing in front of the barracks
* Blacksmithing - Rohok is at the forge just south of the mage tower
* First Aid - Aresella is at Falcon Watch on the southwestern side of Hellfire Peninsula
* Fishing - Zurjaya at Zabra'jin in Zangarmarsh, standing by the bonfire in the center of town.
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