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Default Need help Testing an engine

Hey guys!

For the past.... while...... I've been with a group thats developing an MMO. ONE of the first steps was to completely re-do the engine that we decided to use from GarageGames called Torque 3D. Our engine programmer (Vince Gee) did some heavy re-writing of the engine. He replaced the script language with an API so that the whole project could be re-written using C# and Visual Studio 2010 instead of the TorqueScript language and Torsion IDE, that it normally uses. Our add-on programmer (Rich Preziosi) has written an AutoUpdater that functions pretty much like the updaters that you are used to seeing for most MMOs.

What Im asking for is this. Please go to


and register. After registering, login and go to the "Products -> DotNetTorque" page


There should be a Demo Icon on the right hand side. Download and install that - then log in and play the game. Its nothing more than a simple FPS with some bots running around. This *IS* PvP.... the bots are just there to help prove that the engine can handle mass death (ie: heavy server load). What you guys are helping test is how well the engine can handle the load of AIs, deaths, combat, etc. You are ALSO testing the AutoUpdater.

If you find any bugs, or have any comments, the forums are here:


Or you can reach them on the "Bugs" Button on the AutoUpdater. Please tell us of any bugs or issues that you find, it will do nothing but help us out in the end.

Thanks a ton guys!
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