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Default Super Punch Out...

I think I'm the worlds greatest Super Punch Out master.

I time attacked the whole game in about 15 minutes and got 1st place for every time and belt point total.

Then, just when it seemed like my uberness was insurpassable, I defeated Nick Bruiser, the final fighter, in a ridiculous 1'00"22 time.

Someone else out there must be a fellow master.


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Default Re: Super Punch Out...

hehe thats a rather slow time i beat him in 30 sec my older bro beat him in 20 some secs and my lil bro beat him at a ridiculus time of 14sec and 53th of sec
to get these times u need to learn to counter punch and wail on them. ill try to get a screen for u of the time if i can find the game in my junk.

on a side note my best time im proud of is ivan ryan i think at 10.48 secs and my older bros is the first guy u fight piere i think his name. he downed him at 6.78 sec
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